“I Guess I Can See How You Could Want the Oprah Kind of Lifestyle”

So said an individual whom I was having a conversation with – or rather – an argument with. Oh, wait a minute…it was more like a lecture I was getting from this person. I wasn’t really involved in the conversation at all until the end. I was just the subject of the it. Or rather, the subject of the conversation or lecture was “Why I wasn’t married yet and why I didn’t want to have kids”. I believe I was about 35 years old at the time. I was so taken aback by the attitude of this person and the thought that I wasn’t doing what was “right” in the minds of mainstream society. Near the end of the lecture,  I had a chance to “defend” myself, and I was almost in tears from the forcefulness of what began to feel like accusations. My accuser, in the end, resolved to the fact that his opinion wasn’t going to change how I felt, softened up a bit and summed it all up by saying, “I guess I can see how you could want the Oprah kind of lifestyle”. Since then I haven’t heard any remarks from him about my un-married status and my childlessness.


One of the Pros of Being Childless, for Me at Least.

For me, the greatest benefit, and gift as I see it, of being childless is having the freedom to come and go as one pleases and being able to pack up and go whenever we wish, without the concern of how it would affect a little human that is dependent on us. Is this selfish? I think not. It is honoring our true nature and that to me is important. I personally, don’t have a parental instinct. That’s my nature. Is it yours? This form of freedom, to me, is absolutely priceless. I witness so many parents whose schedules revolve around their children and having to live under such constraints, for me, would feel so unnatural and restrictive. Being a very free-spirited person who loves to travel and experience living in different places, has contributed to my choice of being childless. How about you?

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