Our SWaNK Dictionary


SWaNK = Single woman and no kids.


Single = Not married. However, some SWaNKs do or will have life partners (male or female), but they are not married and therefore not financially or legally attached to a partner.

Woman = A human being of the female gender – lesbian, straight, bi-sexual or transgender.


No = None. Zero.

Kids = Offspring. Children.


Types of SWaNKs:


SWaNK by Choice = A woman who consciously chooses to be single and childfree at this time.

SWaNK by Circumstance = A single woman who is or was unable to have children.

Confirmed SWaNK = A SWaNK who is not interested in being married and has decided not to have children – EVER. Similar to a “Confirmed Bachelor”.

LBT SWaNK = Lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender SWaNK.

Senior SWaNK = A SWaNK who is 60 years of age or older.

Super SWaNK = A SWaNK who basically does it all.

Swanky SWaNK = A sexy, glamourous SWaNK.

Celebrity SWaNK = Famous women who are SWaNKs. Eg: Oprah, Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendes, and many others including Hilary Swank who happens to be a SWanK Swank. *This may have to be updated.


Other SWaNK-Related Definitions:


SWaNKee = A person, male or female, who is attracted to, likes or loves SWaNKs.

SWaNKofile = Someone who is obsessed with SWaNKs, hopefully in a healthy way.

Swanked = When a SWaNKee has had sexual relations with a SWaNK. Eg: “I got swanked last night” or “When was the last time you were SWaNKed?”

SMaNK = Single Man and No Kids.

SPaNK = Single People and No Kids.

SHaNK = Single Human and No Kids.


Types of SWaNKs with a bit of humor built in:


Bank SWaNK = A SWaNK with a lot of money in the bank. Similar to a “Sugar Daddy”.

Been-There-Done-That No Thanks SWaNK = A SWaNK who was previously married and does not wish to be married again.

Blank SWaNK = A SWaNK with a very low IQ.

Frank SWaNK = A really honest SWaNK.

Prank SWaNK = A SWaNK who likes to play practical jokes on people.

Rank SWaNK = A SWaNK who is serving in the military.

Spank SWaNK = A SWaNK who likes to spank or be spanked.

Yank SWaNK = A SWaNK from the north eastern United States or a SWaNK who is a New York baseball fan or a SWaNK who likes to yank on things.


SWaNK-Related Definitions defined by our followers:

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SWaNK tank = A SWaNK tank top. (Stay tuned because we are going to be designing SWaNK t-shirts and SWaNK tanks!)

To yank a SWaNK = When a SWaNK gets married, they have their SWaNK privileges revoked.

A lanky SWaNKy = A statuesque SWaNK.

The blank SWaNK = The look that a SWaNK gives when someone asks them why they’re not married or don’t have kids.

Stank SWaNK = A SWaNK who just finished a 30-minute spinning class.

SWaNKer = A SWaNK who struts her stuff.

Hanky SWaNKy Panky = Two SWaNKs hooking up.

SPaNK = Single Prick and No Kids. (Hey, it’s called freedom of speech. We didn’t say it, someone else did!)


Thank you to the community for contributing to our SWaNK dictionary! Keep them coming!



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