What is a SWaNK and the SWaNK Evolution?


SWaNK stands for “Single Woman and No Kids” and the SWaNK Evolution is taking place right now in today’s modern society. It is a time in human development where more and more women are choosing to be unmarried and choosing not to have children. We are also in a time where more and more women, not by choice, are finding themselves unmarried and childfree, yet still feel fulfilled in their lives. SWaNKs include both “SWaNKs by Choice” and “SWaNKs by Circumstance”.

SWaNKs come in all different ages, sizes, shapes, and backgrounds, but what we all share in common is being single/unmarried and without kids. For more definitions of who SWaNKs are, please visit our SWaNK dictionary where you will find all kinds of interesting definitions and descriptions of SWaNKs including “LB SWaNKs”, “Senior SWaNKs” and more.

Our Mission:

The mission behind creating the SWaNK community is to empower SWaNKs, and to discuss the issues that we face in our lives as single, childfree women through our blog, online social media and in person at our meetups and social events.

And we can’t forget about dating. For SWaNKs looking to be in relationships, we know that there are plenty of men and women looking to be in relationships with SWaNKs and we thought it would be fun to bring the two groups together. So, once we have created a large enough community, we will begin hosting events to create opportunities for SWaNKS, SMaNKs and SWaNKees to meet one another!

About the Founder

Carolyn Quan is a “SWaNK by Choice”, an artist, an advocate for social justice, entrepreneur and creative visionary. Inspired to create a movement that supports women and disseminates the myth that being a single/unmarried woman without children is a “bad thing”, she gave birth to the SWaNK Evolution. It is a passionate goal of Carolyn’s to create a higher level of understanding of SWaNKs and the issues faced by them in today’s mainstream society.


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