Are you a SWaNKee looking for romance with a SWaNK?

A SWaNKee is a man or woman who is attracted to, likes or loves SWaNKs.

Once we’ve established a sizable SWaNK community, we will be hosting mixed community meetups, parties and events starting in the San Francisco Bay Area where SWaNKs and SWaNKees will have the opportunity to meet. We have also started a Meetup in Toronto and a Meetup for SPaNKs (Single People and No Kids) in the SF Bay Area. Please stay tuned and thanks for your patience while be build our community! You can also help us build our community by sharing this website on your Facebook and Twitter pages or by emailing it to your SWaNK, SPaNKs and SWaNKee friends, family and colleagues.

If you’re interested in being added to our email and invitation list, please fill out the form below.

Don’t live anywhere near SF or Toronto? We hope to expand our events to other cities in the future.
Thank you for your patience!

We’re also interested in your feedback. Please tell us why you’d like to date a SWaNK.


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